Past Conferences


ICOM–ASPAC 2012 Assembly was held from Sep. 23rd to 27th, 2012 in Hubei, an ancient city in Wuhan, China. The general theme of the Assembly is “Today’s Museums: Interdisciplinary Approaches”. More than 130 delegates from 24 countries attended the conference.


ICOM-ASPAC 2017 Meeting in Chabahar Free Zone – I.R. of Iran (1-3 November 2017)

– Theme: “Asia and Pacific Museums Education and Water Shortage.” – 

[Tuesday 31 October 2017]
– Arrival and Registration of Member
– Afternoon Meeting of  ICOM ASPAC Board on Membership review for ICOM-ASPAC Members and Nowrouz sub-alliance

[Wednesday 01 November 2017]
08:30-09:00  Transfer from Hotel to Conference Hall
09:30-10:30  Opening Ceremony
– Opening session: Speech by Chair of ICOM-ASPAC
– Congratulating Speaker by Chair or Representative of ICOM
– Welcome Speech of Director of Chabahar Free Zone
– Deliver Speech of Chair of ICOM-Iran
– Deliver Speech of Mr. Beheshti on Water Shortage and Cultural Heritage
– Deliver Speech of Representative of ICHHTO
10:30-10:45  Break
10:45-13:00  Reports on adopted issues of previous ICOM-ASPAC Meeting represented by representative of ICOM-ASPAC, ICOM-Iran, ICOM-Japan, ICOM-Pakistan and other National Committees
13:00-15:00  Lunch and Rest
15:00-15:10  Transfer to Conference Hall
15:15-17:00  Working Groups Sessions on: ICOM-ASPAC Museum and Education (chaired and reported by ICOM-China)
– Paper presented by of ICOM-India
– Paper presented by ICOM-Pakistan
– Paper presented by member of ICOM-Iran
– Deliver Speech of Participants on theme of Meeting coordinated by member of ASPAC Board

[Thursday 02November 2017]
09:10-09:20  Transfer to Conference Hall
09:30-12:30  Working Group on Asia-Pacific Museums and Water Shortage Chaired by ICOM-Iran
– Paper presented by ICOM-Nepal
– Paper presented by ICOM-Bangladesh
– Paper presented by member of ICOM-Iran – Deliver Speech of Participants on theme of Meeting coordinated by member of ASPAC Board
13:00-15:00  Lunch and Rest
15:00-16:00  Adoption of Declaration of Chabahar
19:30-21:30  Dinner and Cultural Events

[Friday 03 November 2017]
09:00-11:00  Presentation of  the  Project of  the Museum of Chabahar and Technical Discussion on thematic of Museum
11:00-16:00  Chabahar Sightseeing Half Day Tour hosted by C.F.Z
20:00  Traditional Dinner

* ICOM-ASPAC 2018 (in Japan): link to