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November 19, 2020

ICOM Korea – National Museum of Korea to hold the 1st World Museum Forum Conference

The 1st World Museum Forum 2020

ㅇ 16:00(GMT+9), 24-27 November (4days)

ㅇIt is an online forum, Please go to to take part


The National Museum of Korea, International Council of Museums Korea (ICOM KOREA), and International Council of Museums Asia-Pacific Alliance (ICOM ASPAC) will jointly host the 1st World Museum Forum from November 24 to November 27, 2020.

In the World Museum Forum, innovation concepts and motifs for changes in the modern times will be discussed in relation to museums. The theme of this year is Museums and AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a scene from a science fiction. The technology has already permeated into our daily lives and constitutes an important topic that cannot be missed in the debate about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. How can the AI be utilized in the cultural space of museums? How will the use of AI affect the society and thoughts of human beings? In this forum, we would like to have vibrant discussions on the definition and ethics of AI, creative examples of AI and digital projects, and the implications of museums and AI for the future.

This four-day event will be joined by international scholars who study museums and AI, project planners, and experts from in and outside of Korea who conduct interdisciplinary researches on AI in the fields of philosophy, aesthetics and art. More than thirty speakers from different regions will have a heated discussion despite time differences.

As a sideline event, the Online Expo will be organized to showcase various businesses and organizations in Korea that engage in AI and digital projects in museums or cultural institutions. This will be a good opportunity for participants from all around the globe to take a glimpse at Korea’s future-oriented technologies.


See more details at World Museum Forum website