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June 19, 2020

ICOM-Malaysia – News on Malaysian Museums’ Response to COVID-19 Conference

Due to this great concern on the ongoing worldwide of Covid-19 pandemic and as an endless support to the Malaysian Government’s effort to normalize its rapid spread, the Department of Museums Malaysia (DMM) has cancelled the annual event of the National Level Celebration of the International Museum Day 2020 celebrated every 18th of May. Nonetheless, museums and galleries at the federal and state levels have used various ideas and innovations to diversify and enrich online programs and activities in many ways. This is to ensure that museums and galleries remain relevant to the general public as a site of knowledge sharing.

During this RMCO, all museology institutions will gear up for wave of visitors including the federal museums under the DMM’s supervision. DMM will resume all the museums nationwide effectively on June, 16th by complying with museum’s guidelines and SOPs implemented for the public’s safety, as well as abiding with International Councils of Museums (ICOM) recommendations. DMM has slightly implementing the “museums new normal” culture, whereby all museums will be opened from Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm, ticket fee remains unchanged and children under 12 years will not be accessible to enter the museums. Several DMM’s main exhibitions and programmes have also been postponed next year as a result of this global pandemic. However, an upcoming special exhibition named PANDEMIC will be held soon to encourage a better public understanding towards staying safe and healthy during this Covid-19 disease.